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National Robotics Competition (NRC) 2012 - Robot Connecting People Alpha...

To produce successful young, creative and innovative generation with technical
information and technologies in robot designing.

To enable students to learn and apply their technical information
and technologies in robot designing skills in making robot which is able to
promote a National or Culture Heritage of Malaysia.

1. To introduce students about Science and Technology.
2. To expose students with existence of robots that can give a lot of advantages of human.
3. To train students to cooperate with teammate and work together to build the best robot they could do.
4. To be a platform in mastering practical aspect in engineering and technology.

Introduction about the project in detail
A humanoid is something that has an appearance resembling a human being. More generally,
the term can refer to anything which uniquely human characteristics and/or
adaptations, such as the ability to walk in an upright position.
Our project is the build the humanoid robot that has an appearance resembling a human
being. Basically our robot can walk, more his shoulder, has ultrasonic eyes and
can recognize some color balls.

Introduction of the robot
1. Our robot, Alpha Rex 2.0, a social robot like human.
2. Description of the Robot

a. Two motors are used to act as the
movement control of the robot. Two touch
sensors are added on his legs are used to control the precision of the movement
of the robot.
b. The third motor is used to control the swinging of the shoulder.
c. Ultrasonic sensor is used to act like the eye of the robot.
d. The color sensor is to detect the color of the balls.

Synopsis of the project
(a) Background
We used ideas we got from many online sources such as Wikipedia, Youtube, Google, etc to get ideas for the design of the Basketball robot. We also substituted the ideas from the pictures when building our robot.

A humanoid robot is a robot that is based on the general structure of a human, such as a robot that walks on the two legs and has an upper torso, or a robot that has two arms, two legs and a head. A humanoid robot does not necessarily look convincingly like a real person, for example the ASIMO humanoid robot has a helmet instead of a face. Some humanoid robots may also have a ‘face’, with ‘eyes’ and ‘mouth’.

An android (male) or gynoid (female) is a humanoid robot designed to look as much like a real person as possible, although these words are frequently perceived to be synonymous with humanoid.

While there are many humanoid robots in fictional stories, some real humanoid robots have been developed since 1990s and some real human looking android robots have been developed since 2002.

A humanoid robot is an autonomous robot because it can adapt to changes in its environment or itself and continue to reach its goal. This is the main difference between humanoid and other kinds of robots.

ASIMO is a humanoid robot created by Honda. Introduced in 2000, ASIMO, which is an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, was created to be a helper to people. ASIMO is the first humanoid robot to walk on its own.

(b) Robot functionality
(c) Uniqueness and interactive behavior
The uniqueness of the robot is it is able to tell the human and recognize the green ball. When green ball is detected, Alpha Rex will dance for a while before it drops the ball. The other colors are detected, it will drop the ball immediately.

Designing and Building Process
(a) Concept and Implementation
Our concept is the build the robot that resemble human and able to communicate with human. Our idea is to design the robot that can talk, walk, dance, and recognize color as well as “seeing” objects.

(b) Brainstorming and solution to the problem
· The main building problem on this robot is the turning of the shoulder. We have modified and make some changes on the original design in order to make the turning smooth.
· Another challenge is we are using LEGO rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries. Because of the different size of the batteries, we have made some changes on the legs as well as on the body.

(c) Engineering and stability of the structures
The turning of the body is using two gears at the angle of 90 degrees.

(a) Concept
The concept of the programming is to allow the robot to see using ultrasonic sensor, to move using two NXT motors, to turn his shoulder using single NXT motor, to walk smoothly using two touch sensors and to recognize color. The Wiring and functionality of the input / output of the NXTs are listed in the table below.

Input / Output
Shoulder  Motor
Move the shoulder and throw the ball.
Left Motor
Control the left leg.
Right Motor
Control the right leg.
Touch  Sensor
Stop the Motor B when pressed.
Touch  Sensor
Stop the Motor C when pressed.
Color  Sensor
Detect the color of the ball.
Ultrasonic  Sensor
Detect the distance of the object.

The robot will wait for 0.5s and will start to detect object using the ultrasonic sensor. If some object is detected less than 25cm, the robot will start to move its leg. The touch sensor is used to move the robot in precise position.
After the robot move around 8 rotations, it will talk “Green” and then “Please” to human. So, we need to give it a ball. If green ball is detected, the robot will move its legs for a while before move his shoulder to drop the green ball. If other color is detected, the robot will move its shoulder and drop the ball immediately.

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