Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WRO 2012 Elementary - UFO from Taiwan

Fifth place in World Robot Olympiad 2012. Interactive Running Game.
We create this “interactive running game” to encourage people to exercise because health is very important. Because we don’t have much time or outdoor space to exercise nowadays, we want to find a way for busy people to enjoy exercising in a limited space.
There are two different modes in this game. The first mode is for two players to compete with each other. They can interact with each other and have fun together. The second mode is for one player to compete with the robot. When you feel lonely and need a friend to exercise with you, the robot is your best company.
Materials and Equipment
Hardware: 1 NXT, 2 LEGO motors, LEGO parts, 2 light sensors
Software: Enchanting, Scratch

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