Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WRO 2012 Open Category - Senior High Gold Medalist - Greta- Handfriend Robot (Russia)

People know how to give joy to each other. The greatest joy is the joy of communication and joint activity. One of the most important forms of interaction is a game. The game gives people pleasure and learning. Hand clapping game is a traditional game played by children from different countries that develops motor skills, coordination and agility. Often the players accompany hand clapping game with song or rhyme. Mothers play with kids in hand game. In many cultures clapping games are played by both sexes and all ages. Especially this game is loved by young girls. This game has different names in different countries: "pat-a-cake", "em pom pie", "ladushki".
Children need to play this game for the normal development; especially it is necessary for the children with disabilities in motor development.

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